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Saturday, December 11th 2010


Bloody Students

You students just don't have a clue - do you forget - we're all in this together, how selfish of you to moan about a small hike in tution fees, after all whats a little debt of 30k to 40k, and its not even a proper, good old commercial debt anyway. Just calm down, get back in the bar or go back to bed. You're all very very naughty.

And just to prove we're all in this together the Chancellor is even challenging spending a mere £900 on this years Christmas Tree. See - and you think you're hard done by, even essentials are being cut!

Silly students!

Or lets get real - if democracy fails, if you can only vote for the same political class in different ties, if they then break their pledges, continue to abuse their status, and bully boy all those they see as easy targets then you will get a reaction, and the longer you ignore the people you fail to represent the stronger the reaction will get.

 I don't want to hear anymore bullshit spin preached at me, Mr Clegg and the rest.

What the hell are they doing ever buying a Christmas tree for £900 in the first place, then hoping to impress by cutting back - they just don't have a clue about real peoples lives, it is unbelievable, beyond words! 

The students are right to protest, the Lib Dems lied and lied again and should not be in Government.

 The bankers are still getting their huge bonuses and no doubt MP's are still getting back handers. There is a huge body of people who are not represented in this farce of a democracy.

The only way is to protest to get heard.... and if they still only preach in response, protest even harder.

This is only the beginning.

There are very real threatening noises coming from the Police and Ministers regarding demonstrations, and so called kettling should be stopped by any means possible.Once again it appears that the Police have forgotten that their main role is to protect the citizens of this land not just the interests of SPIVS!

Students your cause is just - it should and does have the support of the vast majority of normal decent citizens. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE CITIZENS TO WAKE UP AND SUPPORT YOU!


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Saturday, December 11th 2010


Hey Vince

Nick - Hey Vince I love your new shoes, can I borrow them for PMQT?

Vince - Hey Nick, dey cost 200 bar plus man, real tight ? You wanna bite my style You know I'm still the top dude of the Lib Dem Bedrin!

Nick - Yeah, ok Vince I just want to get one over on David, for once

Vince - Dat Davids a twonk man, jarring enit, my bitch dings me from d manor n dissed my shoes man - dey make me look like the Pinguin in Batman.

Nick - Well I like them Vince, and I'm sure David will love them.

Vince - Twonk

Nick - What did you say?

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